Entbody simulation
By Matt Bierbaum
N-body physics simulation on CPU and GPU

For a long time I've been interested in many-body / N-body / molecular dynamics physics. Along the way, I've been writing code to use the techniques I've read about. At the time of its inception, I was learning about neighbor lists, and quadtrees, so it was natural that I called the code, 'entbody'. 'Ent' comes from the tree people in LOTR, so, it's got that going for it, which is nice.

A simulation of 100,000 moshers at a heavy metal concert, in relation to the moshpits project found in the 'Science' heading.

entbody is now the generic name for the code which I split off into various projects as I go. It can run on multicore CPU as well as NVIDIA GPUs and is best at short range forces. On a Geforce Titan, it can simulate roughly one million interacting particles at 30 fps, fast enough to interact with it through the keyboard.

A stripped down version for GPU can be found on my github,