One Look
By Matt Bierbaum
Moody HTML5 / canvas game with lights and direction sound

For the 28th Ludum Dare, Alex and I decided to try our hand at making a web based game. The theme for this round was 'You only get one', quickly shortened to YOGO by the other participants. We decided that we would do a platformer with light-based mechanics where you only get one look at the level, ever. Conveniently, this played to our weaknesses of not being able to draw a level to save our lives, since you never really look at it.

We ended up making three different items to use and three different monsters that can make you restart a given level. The items are

There are three monsters that try to attack you during the game, each having different attributes,

Since you can't see very far, we implemented 2d directional sound so that you can hear how far and in which direction monsters are. Then, Alemi's ray casting work to make the shadows and lighting really made it come together.

Check it out here:

Play Onelook

Sample screenshots from the game when under development.